It's a typical story, it’s sad but it’s true
Trying on jeans can make any girl blue.

And it did for three sisters in a store’s fitting room
So they vented out loud their frustration and gloom.

One said, “Neither marathon crunches nor spin classes can whittle..."
"The lumps and the bumps of these rolls ‘round my middle!"

Said the second, "The hips look divine and the butt—it looks great."
"It’s just this muffin-top under my blouse that I hate!"

The third cried, "Wait ‘til you have a baby – or three!"
"No matter which jeans I try–they look lumpy on me."

"What we need is a camisole, but with a hidden layer to tuck"
"Then I’m sure, when jean-shopping, we'd have much better luck!"

Said the second, "That layer, it should smooth and should trim!"
"Cause with my rolls tucked away, I’d look rather slim!"

Cried the third, "If the outer layer could camouflage even more..."
"I’d want to buy out all the jeans in this store!"

And into this idea, they poured their hearts and their souls...
And now jean shopping’s a joy—thanks to Cami-Rolls!